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PEC 3 Gives

Our fundraising strategy is organized around The 3 Gives – 3 “asks” during the school year – each of which have a specific funding purpose and group of givers. 

Kids Running
Light Bulbs Garland

Every Fall the PTA kicks off the FALL GIVE fundraiser to generate money to support enrichment programs (teacher salaries for Art, PE, and Garden), field trips, classroom supplies for teachers, and much more. 

The PEC Jog-A-Thon is a way for students to get involved in helping to raise money for their school. They collect donations or pledges from family, friends, neighbors, or other adults in their life and then participate in a fun jogging event. 


The NTF is an adult only celebration, typically in the Spring, to bring parents, teachers, and staff together for a festive evening that includes music, food and beverages.


In addition to our 3 Gives fundraising efforts, we accept (and welcome) donations at point in the school year to help us meet fundraising goals. 

To make an instant donation, click the button below! 

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