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Paul Ecke Central PTA

The Paul Ecke Central PTA is a nonprofit organization of teachers, staff, parents, family members, and guardians who are dedicated to improving the lives of students at school and home. Our group focuses on the whole child and we desire to support our teachers and staff to ensure learning is an exciting and dynamic process. We do this through numerous events during and after school, fundraising, providing extra materials for staff and teachers through mini grants and supplies, and supporting our families that need financial assistance. The PTA provides funding for Enrichment Teachers, allowing Art, Garden, and PE to be a regular part of the student’s education. 

We have four general PTA meetings yearly. All parents and family members are invited, with PTA members holding voting rights. We encourage all to become members of the PEC PTA. We encourage all to volunteer for PTA events and programs. 


The PEC PTA Board is a group of nominated parents that hold positions within the PTA. They meet monthly for planning events and driving decisions for the school. We work closely with staff and teachers in order to best meet the needs of our amazing students. 

Reasons to Join the PTA

Membership = $20/year

  • Vote at PTA Meetings

  • Get PTA Member Perks

  • Make a difference!

Do it for your child. Research shows that kids do better in school when parents are involved. Grades are higher and test scores improve. By becoming a PTA member, you are demonstrating to your child the importance you place on education.

Do it for the school. By developing a closer relationship with parents, student achievement improves, and the school develops a positive reputation in the community. Parents involved in PTA understand the challenges schools face and become part of the solution. They support improving education, both locally and legislatively.

Do it for your community. Your participation improves your child’s school and our larger Paul Ecke Central community. We are a community, and we need everyone to get involved.

Do it for you. Becoming involved in the PTA gets you connected to other parents in the PEC community. There’s no better way to know what’s happening in your school. Regularly scheduled meetings are an opportunity for you to learn, share, and participate.




Vice President




Elizabeth Perkins





Coreen McGiven



Events Chair

Pampas Grass

Programs Chair

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Wellness Chairs

Carly Mentlik

Tara Haytema

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Pampas Grass

Spirit Wear 

Stacy Reddell

Pampas Grass


Melissa Ellis

Pampas Grass


Brenda Oceguera

Pampas Grass
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